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Testimonials from Personal Injury Lawyer Clients


Shari Logan, new york, ny

 Neil Redmond is a great lawyer who is very professional. He pays attention to every detail and makes it a priority to return the voicemails of his clients in a timely fashion. I am very satisfied with choosing him as my attorney. 

katrina sonny

Neil Redmond is very professiona and always on time. 

samantha gibbons, tampa, florida

 I have known Neil Redmond for over 20 years and he is a kind, intelligent, focused, analytical and dedicated attorney. His unique ability to listen, assess the situation and apply his extensive knowledge to any legal issue, makes him an exceptional advocate. He is ethical, trustworthy, patient, understanding and extremely hard working. I would highly recommend Mr. Redmond because of his absolute commitment and loyalty to his clients; his passion for the law and his extensive experience as a trial attorney. I am also proud to call him my friend. 

nicholas rupwani, astoria, new york

 Neil has been a colleague for years. We have collaborated and worked together to help dozens of mutual clients. I can't speak enough for his professionalism and for the fact that he genuinely cares about his clients. I could not recommend Neil more. 

eileen redmond, new york, ny

 Cornelius Redmond is my brother and I know he is a fantastic lawyer. I see first hand how dedicated he is to helping his clients and getting them the best possible results. He handled a case for me and obtained the best result I could have imagined. I would recommend him without any reservations. 

jens meiners

 Tough and compassionate; definitely recommended. 

Success Stories


$1.5 Million Settlement

In a suit against a construction company my client was injured when a steel plate was dropped on his foot. He suffered multiple injuries and we settled for $1.5 million. 


$600,000 Settlement

In a case of a hit and run driver inside a defective parking lot- we sued the parking  lot owner for my clients injuries. 


$300,000 settlement for a botched breast surgery

The doctor caused my client's breast to become misshapened  and it was finally repaired.