Brooklyn Personal Injury Lawyers

Brooklyn Personal Injury Lawyers

We handle many many cases that have occurred in Brooklyn. Brooklyn is a very busy part of the city and unfortunately some of the streets and sidewalks are not always taken care of by the city of New York up to the kind of standards that we would all love. In other words there are often injuries and accidents that occur due to defects on the city sidewalks or potholes in the streets. These types of defects can cause trip and fall accidents for pedestrians who are walking on the sidewalks or in the crosswalks. And they can also cause accidents two people getting off of buses or riding their bicycles. 

Brooklyn also has a lot of vehicular traffic and congested streets which can lead to car accidents. We handle all types of vehicle accidents that end up resulting in an injury. If you are involved in a vehicle accident and were injured and also vehicle damage we will assist you with your vehicle damage claim as well as your injury claim.

You Should Consult With A Personal Injury Lawyer As Soon As Possible After Your Accident

It is very important to speak with a lawyer as soon as possible after your accident has occurred. Lawyer will explain all of the information that you should gather and make notes about in order to preserve that information and make a claim. There are also certain time limits within which we must file the claim. For example in a case against the MTA or the city of New York we must file the claim within 90 days of the incident. Failure to do that is fatal to the claim. With respect to automobile accidents we need to file a claim with no-fault within 30 days of the accident. No folders also known as personal injury protection and every vehicle is supposed to have coverage for that type of insurance. 

Brooklyn Personal Injury Lawyers

What Are We Suing For?

When we file a lawsuit for personal injuries the injured person is entitled to recover for their medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering. The medical expenses and the lost wages are fairly easy to quantify. However the pain and suffering calculation is much more complicated and detailed to determine. That aspect of the case can often be the largest monetary award out of all three categories. The goal is to try to put the injured person in a good position as they would’ve been in had they not been injured. And unfortunately the only way to adequately do that is through monetary compensation. 

Contact a Brooklyn Personal Injury Attorney Today

While our main office is located in Manhattan the principal attorney at Redmond law firm lives in Brooklyn and frequently travels throughout Brooklyn to meet with clients. And if you cannot come to us we will come to you.