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As a person present in the United States, you have rights. No matter what the police suspect you of, they cannot mistreat you. If you have been beaten, harassed, threatened, or otherwise brutalized by law enforcement, then you should hire a Police Brutality Attorney and seek damages.

Common Types of Police Brutality

Here are some common types of Police Brutality. They are all violations of your constitutional rights.

This is the most common type of Police Brutality. While officers are permitted to use necessary and reasonable force to subdue an unruly or violent suspect, they must cease doing so once the person is compliant. If you have been cooperative throughout your interaction with police officers, they are not allowed to use any force whatsoever.
Excessive force includes:
-Baton beatings
-Unwarranted takedowns
-Unwarranted use of tasers
-Unwarranted use of firearms.

The Fourth Amendment protects people from unwarranted search and seizure. Law enforcement officers must have probable cause to search you and your property, including your vehicle. If you are walking down the street minding your own business, and have no outstanding arrest warrants, the police do not have the right to stop and search you.
If you are at home, and the police want to search your it, they will usually need a valid search warrant.

This type of Police Brutality occurs when officers take someone into custody without an arrest warrant or probable cause. If you have been arrested because the police believe you have information that can help them on another case, your civil rights have been violated, and you have the right to take legal action against the department.

This is one of the most abhorrent forms of Police Brutality. You should understand that if you are in the custody of an officer, then you are incapable of giving your consent to any sexual encounter. If you give in to the sexual advances of an officer in exchange for your release, the officer has technically committed rape, and the department can be held legally liable.

While you are in police custody, they are responsible for your safety and welfare. The denial of needed medical care is a form of Police Brutality. It is a violation of your Eighth and Fourteenth Amendment rights.

Specializing Attorneys on this Area

How can a Police Brutality Attorney help?

You should hire a Police Brutality Attorney with extensive experience and expertise in such cases. They will know how to investigate your complaints in a way that will actually yield the needed facts. Such Lawyers also know how to negotiate with the governmental bodies that are responsible for dealing with lawsuits filed against police officers.
Most Police Brutality cases are settled out of court. City governments prefer to avoid trying such cases in civil court, as it makes for bad publicity. An experienced Police Brutality Lawyer will be able to get you a fair and adequate settlement.

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