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The unexpected death of a loved one can be devastating. If you believe the negligence or recklessness of another person caused their death, then you can take legal action. A Wrongful Death Lawyer can help you build a case against the offending party.

Some Common Causes of Wrongful Death

Here are some of the most common causes of Wrongful Death. You should bear in mind that any incident or accident that led to the untimely and unjust death of your loved one can be litigated.

Car accidents kill 1.6 out of 100,000 New Yorkers each year. Most such accidents are the result of driver negligence or recklessness, including speeding, distracted driving, driving under the influence or drugs or alcohol, or driving while overtired.
If the car accident occurred owing to the conditions of the roads, it may be possible to sue to the county or city.

Medical professionals are trusted for their skill, expertise, and competence. The care they deliver to each patient must meet a certain legally-defined standard. Prescription, surgical, and diagnostic errors are some of the most common types of malpractice. If your loved one has died owing to medical malpractice, you can hold the physician and the hospital liable.

Even if your loved one worked in a job that involved hazardous material and activities, they should have received proper training and personal protective equipment. Their employer should have also taken measures to mitigate the dangers. If none of this happened, and your loved one was killed in an accident at work, then you can hold the company accountable.

The consumer products you buy should be safe to use. Manufacturers are obligated to put their products through the most rigorous testing processes. If a loved one dies because of defective pharmaceutical products, toxic foods, or unsafe automobiles or children’s toys, then you have grounds to sue the manufacturer.

If your loved one was killed after being struck by a vehicle, then you should hold the driver accountable. These types of deaths are often the result of people who drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs or who were too distracted to pay attention to the road.

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How can a Wrongful Death Lawyer help?

If you believe you have a case against the person who caused the death of your loved one, then you should hire a Wrongful Death Lawyer with expertise and experience in such cases. Filing a Wrongful Death Suit cannot bring your loved one back, but it can get you justice. Your Lawyer will employ a range of investigative, forensic, and other highly trained professionals to gather all the facts surrounding the accident or incident. They will then carry out an in-depth analysis on the sequence of events that led to the death of your loved one. The aim of your Wrongful Death Attorney will be to get you fair and adequate compensation. They need not go to trial to make this happen. If they are able to gather enough evidence of wrongdoing, the respondent may choose to settle rather than face a jury.

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